XBOX One или PS4 ??!!

We wrote for the first time on Tormeted Souls in August of last year, but we have not heard much about the game since then. The survival horror returns to the roots of the genre with fixed camera angles, but with a modernized control team for an increased level of dynamism.

Unfortunately for those who impatiently await the game, it seems that it will arrive on a platform less, because the output of the PS4 has been canceled. No word from Pqube publishers to explain why, especially since the game will always see the trip out of the switch. Playstation fans who are eagerly awaiting this one may have to wait to go to the PS5 or the X / S series.

The game sees the Caroline protagonist investigating the mysterious disappearance of a set of twins, to wake up naked in a bathtub in a mansion become hospital teeming with monsters. The game is designed to combine the exploration and combat of the old school with puzzles similar to modern puncture-clicking games, with the possibility of modifying objects in the puzzle. Maybe we will see some influence of the Nonary Games series? Well, it seems that the difficulty is there. In an interview with Pushsquare, the brothers Gabriel and German Araneda – Developer leaders Dual Effect – said: “For us, puzzles have been one of the most difficult things to solve because the border between easy and too difficult varies a lot from one person to another.. But for now, we take the risk of having difficult puzzles, and we will apologize later.

The game goes out for PS5, Switch, Xbox Series and PC. A physical edition is available at some retailers, including – who have an exclusive sun and moon premium.