Northern man , the new film by filmmaker Robert Eggers (the witch, the lighthouse) and starring Alexander Skarsgard (Godzilla vs. Kong, the Tarzan Legend, True Blood) is harvesting truly positive reactions by the American criticism that hNorth Man already been able to view this new Viking Film. So much so, that even the Mexican director Alfonso Aunto ** hNorth Man reacted to the ribbon praising the director of him and ensuring that “it is very complex and complicated what he does”, in relation to the direction of Eggers.

“Spectacular, immersive, visually overwhelming”

And it is that the first reactions to the North Man have not been expected; So much so, Suddenly. For two full hours. That’s #Thenorthman. I give it 5/5 crow trough. “

THE NORTHMAN - Official Trailer - Only In Theaters April 22

For his part, Tomris Laffly of Variety comments that “Seeing the epic Viking Viking of Robert Eggers with the North Man, he often alternated between applause and screaming. Awesome choreography, frightening in ways that I still can not believe completely. Not without the setbacks of him, but it is the kind of film whose existence feels like a miracle today. I buy”.

Eric Eisenberg of cinemablend ensures that “the northern man is spectacular. Surprisingly, it is the most accessible film of Eggers, but no less immersive in the authentic feeling of it. It is an exciting revenge story that keeps your hand around your throat and is visually impressive. He forced me to whisper ‘Host!’ repeatedly”.

The North Man is bNorth Maned on a viking legend that, in turn, inspired Shakespeare for Hamlet and hNorth Man a Luxury CNorth Mant with names like Alexander Skarsgard, Ethan Hawke, Nicole Kidman, Anya Taylor -Joy, Willem Dafoe, Claes Bang or Björk. Premiere in cinemNorth Man the next April 22, 2022 .