EPIC Games broadcasts a program “State of Unreal 2022” that delivers information on Unreal Engine 5 (hereinafter, UE5) on April 6. In this case, the introduction of the studio adopting UE5 is also conducted, and Crystal Dynamics also announced adoption. The studio revealed that the next work of the “Tomrader” series is under development at UE5.

The “Tomrader” series is an action adventure game that makes Lara Croft, which is an archeologist and a explorer. It is a popular series that lasts from 1996, characterized by exploration of ruins where treasures sleeps and game play using various devices. Currently, Square Enix has IP, and Crystal Dynamics under the company is developed centering on.

Crystal Dynamics Franchise General Manager Dallas Dickinson comments that the next level story tering in the game play experience is realized by UE5. And the goals in the “Tomraider” series are to push up the limit of fidelity, and it is stated that high quality cinematic actions and adventure experiences are provided to fans.

In the “Tomraider” series, we conduct reboots at “Tomb Raider” of the 2013 release. I went to the first adventure of Young Lara Croft, followed by “Rise of the Tomraider” and “Shadow of the Tomrader”, and it was drawn that she grows. Since a series of stories are being completed by this triplet, it is interesting to what time and stage will be in the new work that is currently under development.

The same series is one of the high quality 3D graphics. Adoption of UE5 is expected to be able to enable adventures with unprecedented visuals. Crystal Dynamics is currently recruiting human resources on many types of jobs, and development is still an early stage pattern. So far, specific information about new work has not been revealed and focused on follow-up. By the way, Jeff Ross, who served as a “Days Gone” game director, has announced that he joined the same studio as a design director. It may be involved in “Tomrader” new work.

This EPIC Games event also introduced other studios to adopt UE5. The other day, the “Witcher” series new work is being developed at UE5, and Haven Studios who have just entered each studio under Microsoft and SIE umbrella. It will be supported at UE5 because PS VR2 logo can also be confirmed.

Besides, the Layers of Fear’s Blober Team, “Life Is Strange” DontNod Entertainment, “Alan Wake”, “Little Nightmare”, “Little Nightmare”, “Paydayday” Starbreeze, “Payday” of “Payday”, etc. Is a name. Major makers in China such as tencent and Perfect World also adopt UE5. On the other hand, Japanese manufacturers can not be found. However, there are many domestic titles that adopt UE4, so they will eventually shift to UE5.

Unreal Engine 5 is officially released from April 6th. In this broadcast, the presentation was surprised that the announcement was performed, and the UE5 feature introduction and technical lecture were also conducted. UE5 can be downloaded from Epic Games Launcher. A 5% royalty occurs only if the sales of works developed using UE5 can be used free of charge.