Ubisoft has just announced that Rainbow Six, its Shooter most played with more than 80 million players around the world, will have a mobile version: Rainbow Six Mobile . Like the original, this title will offer the experience of a Shooter in the first person with the competitive multiplayer experience from our phone , with game modes similar to the original Rainbow Six at the best of 3.

Ubisoft to Announce Rainbow Six Siege MOBILE Next Week! (R6 Mobile)

The wording of MGG had the opportunity to see a _ gameplay_ exclusive before anyone and a quite interesting information about the game. However, now you can also see part of this gameplay as a result of the trailer ** that has just been launched next to the presentation of the game that we will leave you next.

Among the game modes Viewed Classic but restructured for mobile versions , such as 5 against 5 and body-to-body combats. In turn, we can also choose between a list of highly trained operators, each with its own unique skills and gadgets as they occur in the original R6. This tactical shooter, as informed us from the Ubisoft itself, has been designed exclusively for Android and iOS , so we doubt that it can be emulated just like Pubg Mobile or Free Fire.

The video showed us a series of pretty interesting plays within R6: Mobile, with a great question that was recorded in my mind: How will it be to play so tactically on mobile devices? It is true that it was seen Pretty well knowing that it is a mobile game, and performance at first seems to be excellent, but what most important will be here to be the control and the feeling of shooting. It will be necessary to see how it works in this area, but in the presentation video they assured us that it will be a very similar experience to which we live in the original version of the game.

The Ubisoft itself has commented on the following about this mobile version: “ Rainbow Six Mobile has been developed and optimized for mobile devices with shortest games and modes. Customize the game controls in the HUD to adapt them to your Style game and comfort level to be able to play without problems. In addition, new players can get used to the game with an integration method that welcomes them to Shooter “