Attentive Halo players have found a new but unannounced mode in Halo Infinite. The cryptic description of the previously unknown mode is currently being discussed in the halo community. Is “Last Spartan Standing” about a Battle-Royale mode?

What has it with the new mode?

At the beginning of May Halo Infinite starts with “Lone Wolves” in the second season. Then there are numerous cosmetic extras, also new playlists and modes again. Including a hitherto unknown mode: Last Spartan Standing . This mode has now been discovered by chance in the game and ensures abundant conversation in the halo community:

The name, description and artwork for “Last Spartan Standing” blades suspiciously after a Battle-Royale mode . That would be a novelty in the halo cosmos, because such a mode has not existed yet. However, Halo Infinite is also the first Halo with a large Open World and thus provides the ideal basis for such a mode.

While the Battle-Royale guess triggers more mixed feelings at the community, other users, on the other hand, are pretty sure that “Last Spartan Standing” is not a Battle-Royale mode.

You suspect that the new mode will be a combination of Gun Game and Big Team Battle (BTB) . This also speaks that the fact that BTB is already mentioned in the screenshot of the Leak.

Either way, until an official idea, it may take some time, because as mentioned earlier, the new Season starts only in the coming May.

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Even more content for halo fans

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