The 5th game awards ceremony, the Bafta Games Awards, the last time, Goty was released. The winning is a TPS logic Lick ‘liter’ that was assessed that PS5 performance was used as a multi-aspect.

The British Movie Television Arts Academy has conducted a 2021 awards at the 7th (local standards), BAFTA Gaming Awards. The awards ceremony was conducted online to prevent proliferation of Corona 19 and announced 18 sector winners.

BAFTA Games Awards 2022
In the ‘Best Games’ sector, which unplug the best games in 2021, Death Loop, Forza Horizon 5, Innscript, It Take Take, Ratchet and Curb: Lift Apartments, Letters, and a total of 6 candidates have been named. Winner is the ‘housing’ of Finland ‘Hausamark’ and SIE is published ‘liternel’.

‘Later’ draws the story of the astronaut ‘Celine’ on stage with the unknown planet ‘Artrion’, which is a poor planet ‘Artrophos’. I was a ps5 user, as a PS5 user, as a PS5 user, as a graphic that utilizes the game performance and PS5 performance combined with Log Link and the PS5 performance.

At this BAFTA awards ceremony, the liternel also won the fourth and for the 4th, acoustically, acoustic, music, and the top starring (Jane Ferry, Selenen Basus). The game ‘EE Game of the Year’, which is selected through gamer voting, has occupied by the “EE GAME OY YEAR”.

BAFTA Game Awards 2021 Awards Ceremony The list is as follows.

Best Game (BEST GAME)

\ – Liter

Animation (Animation)

\ – Ratchet and Clank: Lift Apartment

Artistic Achivement

\ – Art Pool Escape

Acoustic Division (Audio Achivement)

\ – Liter

Best UK Game (British Game)

\ – Forezy Horizon 5

Debut Game

\ – Tom

Evolving Game

\ – Noganz Sky

Family game (family)

\ – Chickri: Air colorful day

Game Beyond Entertainment

\ – Non-Ice Aizu

Game Design

\ – Inbox


\ – It takes

Music (Music)

\ – Liter


\ – Unpacking

Original Property

\ – It takes

Performer in a Leading Role

\ – Jane Ferry (Selenen Basus, Letter)


\ – Kimberly Brooks (Holler Phase, Corner “2)

Technical Achievement

\ – Ratchet and Clank: Lift Apartment

EE GAME OF THE YEAR (The game of the year)

\ – Unpacking