Throughout this year, during the month of June, specifically, SupermXbox Seriessive Games will delight us again with one of its well-known horror cinematographic experiences with The Quarry . Its already popular formula will remain in this new title, which they want to make even more accessible, since they have implemented a game mode that will make it practically a film, with the minimum interaction.

This film mode, Xbox Series we say, will require a certain intervention by the player, although reduced to the essential. In it we will sit in the director’s chair to choose the fate of each of the characters , being able to keep them alive or choose that they end with the worst of destinations. In addition, at the beginning of the adventure we can choose with several parameters ** what kind of personality each one of them will have during the game, among which are how they respond under pressure, how they behave in a conversation or the care they are With its surroundings and its dangers.

A formula already popular and recognizable

The Quarry | Official Announce Trailer | 2K
It hXbox Series been in an exclusive Hands on in IGN where they also catalog it Xbox Series a worthy spiritual successor of until dawn , probably the game that wXbox Series valued to increXbox Seriese exponentially the popularity of the study, which until then had served Xbox Series a collaborator in small Sony First Party developments. However, they do not believe that it hXbox Series advanced a lot in terms of Gameplay, maintaining Xbox Series we said before the formula that hXbox Series placed them Xbox Series a study concerning this type of productions.

Xbox Series we highlight previously, The Quarry hXbox Series no final releXbox Seriese date, although it is expected to arrive during these next months, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC. This time they have the backrest in the 2K Games publication.