[INTERNATIONAL JEN) showed a willingness that NHN (representative Jung Woo-jin) took the “Global P & E) game company through NHN Big Foot (Representative Kim Sang – Ho), which integrates three in-house development game companies this year.

NHN Bigfoot is a subsidiary in charge of the central NHN game business, and after establishing the NHN pixel cubes and NHN RPG this year, we merged NHN pixel cubes and NHN RPG this year. done.

Since 1999, he has been based on the flagship business, but it is a game that was pushed back to the back of the rain game business such as cloud, payment, and advertising.

According to the Games industry on the 10th, NHN Bigfu is the first launch of this year ‘Gunsup! Mobile ‘was presented last day. Global Game Sony Interactive Entertainment and Valkyrie Entertainment Developed “Guns Up!) Launched on the PlayStation Platform and PC Steam,” Guns Up!) ‘Is a mobile platform. It is main content to use the history and item to defend their own bases and occupy the base of the other person.

Gunsup! In addition to Mobile, the P & E Games Lineup is developing a target as a newly released aimed at Wambus Sports, Ufuru NFT, Double A Poker, Slot Mabul, Global Casual Puzzle Game, Dark Strays (Project NOW).

The Wismix Sports is a sports predictive game that is based on the web board game know-how of NHN Big Potes. Based on the actual economic data, we will proceed with the prediction of the victory and provide services to more than 50 sports events around the world.

Ufuru NFT is a social network game based on NHN’s representative longevity game (IP), based on a social network game (SNG), to provide its own umbrellability (NFT) to trade unique Ufuru am. Wismix Sports and Ufuru NFT are on-board on the umix platform of WMADID (representative Jang Hyun Buk).

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‘Double I Poker’ and Social Casino Games ‘Slot Marble’, Three Match Puzzle Global Casual Games, “Project Nou”, known as “Project Nau”, Darkest Days’ is also under development as a P & E game.

The proportion of game sales, which was pushed as much as NHN, as the size of the game business is expanded, As I raised NHN, NHN has continued to decrease the reservation of the game sales. NHN’s game was 52% in 2017, 35% in 2017, and 32% in 2017, and 28% in 2020 and 25% in 2020.

NHN Big Temple was also the goal of going to announce the overwhelming number of the domestic mobile web board market. In particular, web board game regulatory improvements in the first half of the year will have been enforced by the company to upgrade to W500,000 to 700,000 won. As a result, NHN Bigfu is a mobile ‘one game poker’, ‘one game, and his game, and’ one game, and a game.