[Kids News 24 Moon Young – Soo] Nexon (Representative Lee Jung-hyun) announced on the 11th that the Nexon Computer Museum (director Choi Yun-ah) was renewed the reorganization for a month and opened on the last day.

The Nexon Computer Museum prepared the interactive content through the renewal. It is to increase the attention to the main collection and to provide an active viewing environment for visitors.

[Nexon Computer Museum] The Computer, an Idea that Changed the World

First, on the first floor, the Nexon Computer Museum has newly configured the exhibition space of Apple I (Apple i), one of the main collections. In 1976, Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) and Steve Wove Wozniak, the actual appearance of Apple I, and the actual appearance of Apple I, and the emulator can experience the computing environment at the time. Also, through the Hologram image, Apple i has easily understand the historical meaning and technical characteristics of Apple i.

In addition, the OS Interactive Wall (OS Interactive Wall), which can take a look at the operating system development system at a glance. Implement 39 historically meaningful 39 operating systems on the wall with interactive content to provide high immersion feeling. It was also fun to find a special screen that 5 images could only meet when they were activated at the same time.

The existing CPU table applied the object recognition response type to the visible. You can use the CPU on the screen to look up and turn on the screen, and you can check and compare CPU history that has changed for about 50 years from Intel 4004, which is the first microprocessor, from Intel 4004 to Apple M1.

In addition, the Renewal Open Memorial Daily Quest and SNS Certified Shots of Gifts and SNS Certified Shots have exhibited a large Art Bulloon made from Nexon representative character to the Museum entrance.