Crystal Dynamics has already officially announced that one works with the Unreal Engine 5 on a new Tomb Raider game.

Now the author Rhianna Pratchett, which is known for writing Tomb Raider (2013) and the continuation Rise of the Tomb Raider, has responded to the recent announcement.

In conversation with Eurogamer at the Baftas, Rhianna Pratchett confirmed that she does not work on the new game. She said that she wishes that Lara Croft in the next game has fewer “father problems”.

“We had a lot of fun developing her character, so I would like to see fewer father problems,” she said. “And that comes from me!”

She continued, “I’d like to see how she’s her own way and really enjoy what she does. Because when we wrote the reboot game, she was really on the way to become a Tomb Raider. So she was a kind of proto-Tomb Raider. And all the features that connect with Tomb Raider, such as stubbornness, bravery, ingenuity, came to her somehow sprinkled to the surface. “

New Tomb Raider game | All You Need To Know

“I want to live out that, I want to see the cheeky sayings and things I would like to write. But, you know, she was not so far, she had not had self-confidence yet. “

“I think the trilogy has arrived very well with the fans, so it will be exciting to see what they are next.”

What do you want from the new Tomb Raider part?