The Gears of War games have always belonged to the optically strongest titles on Xbox consoles and the PC and always picked up a lot of the underlying Unreal Engine. That’s why you should be noisy if the current Gears Studio The Coalition publishes a video of a Unreal Engine 5-demo.

Impressive game with light and shadow

And that’s exactly what the developer has done as part of the State of Unreal events yesterday. The video shows the so-called “The Cavern Cinematic Tech Test” and has ever given a taste of how in the future intermediate sequences could look like in with the Unreal Engine 5 games.

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Here is the video:

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Pay particular attention to the voluminous fog, the details on the character and the realistic lighting of the entire scenery. This is something you have seldom seen with current technology and, especially in terms of detail a decent jump forward.

Already possible on an Xbox Series X

Even a hundredfold jump, if you give Kate Rayner, Technical Director of The Coalition, believe. Namely, the Xbox blog spoke about the demo and said there, among other things, the material to be seen can be rendered in real time on an Xbox Series X. The scenes are not a utopian cloud lock, but pretty sure something we can see in the future on an Xbox – and of course PlayStation or PC – will be seen.

However: The Cavern Demo is just about that – a demo. There are no excerpts from Gears 6, a new Coalition IP or otherwise finished game, but only material for demonstration purposes. Currently, the studio has two projects in work, but it will probably take a while to a announcement.

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Assessment of the editors

Tobias Veltin

Already the previous Unreal Engine 5 demos and videos I found impressive and that is no different with the Cavern demo. I’m simply there and off how cinematically that everything looks and how excellently the lighting is. Of course, it is “only” about an intermediate sequence, the fact that this can be rendered so apparently on an Xbox Series, but shows that we may have to wait too long for graphics of this quality. Now I just hope the Coalition will soon come with a tangible game info to a new title around the corner – and this graphic quality then demonstrates “on the living object”.