[New Character] Mai, Lumia's premier fashion designer prepares her latest garment!
A Numbers (Representative Kim Nam-seok) developed and has released a 51th new character ‘Priya’ in the PC Online Survival Battle Arena ‘Eternal Return’, which is a Kacao Games (Representative Gyeon-hyun), which is served together.

‘Freya’ can play a shitar and communicate with plants, and is composed of skills based on this. It also has a dedicated hat that grows with the passive skill level.

As the main skills of ‘Preya’, when the flowers are full of females, a passive skill that gives the enemy to the enemy to make additional effects on the enemy’s response to the enemy ‘ Melei ‘▲ Skill’ Portamento ‘that will fire forward and slow down the movement and slowly move the movement speed. ‘Songs of the Free Vity’ ▲ The echo of the ultimate echo, which spreads the emerging of the earth by playing the nature of the nature,

The system improvement was also made with additional new character additions. First, a cancel correction was introduced to improve the basic attack operation, and automated the gun loading load. In addition, we improved additional functions such as team member find function, mini-map movement tolerance option, UI positioning.

In addition, new characteristics are expected to enjoy a more colorful game play by adding a ‘soul absorbing device’, a ‘Sprinter’ and a destructive assistant that is a new characteristic. The ‘Sprinter’ paid the algami at the beginning of the game and equipped with a hero grade or more shoes and increases the movement rate at the time of combat. The ‘soul absorbing device’ is a characteristic that allows users to build a stack when they are involved in treatment with the Epic Monster and raise the attack power.

‘Eternal Return’ is a game that up to 18 players use various strategy battles to target the last one or one team. Anyone can enjoy free of charge through ‘Next Games (Daum Games)’, and enjoy games in Cacao Games PC rooms, you can get 50% benefits with all character free use.