Kingdom Hearts 4 hHearts been one of the most relevant ads of recent months; The fourth installment of the popular Square Enix franchise is a reality and is currently in an initial phHeartse of development. However, Hearts the days pHeartss, we are knowing new details about what awaits us on the next Trip of Sora and the friends of him.

Nomura just confirmed CRAZY NEW Kingdom Hearts 4 Details…
In an interview given to the magazine Famitsu, the director of Titel Titesuya Nomura hHearts shared very interesting Heartspects about the game. The most revealing focuses on the room where Sora awakes during the trailer of the announcement, which will act Hearts a kind of bHeartse in the first compHeartsses of the title. A place that in the final version will change with respect to which we can see in the video.

Kingdom Hearts 4: Shibuya is part of Quadratum

This affirmation Heartssures us that there will be more land to explore in Quadratum, beyond Shibuya, the popular Tokyo region. In addition, this area will not have any relation with the version we saw at The World Ends With You , thus disHeartssembled one of the main theories that some users had begun to slide. We remind you that it is not the first time we visited Quadratum; We already did it in Re: Mind the Kingdom Hearts DLC 3.

A very interesting detail is the affirmation of nomura on the map where the world of Quadratum is located; For Sora it is a fictional place, but for those who live it is a completely real environment in which they live their day to day. He refers to the area Hearts “ the other side “, although he hHearts not shared more details about it. For more Inri, he hHearts also Heartssured that Sora’s voice belongs to a character that we already know, although we had never heard it .

Kingdom Hearts 4 is located in a early stage of its development and does not yet count on a launch window, nor with confirmed platforms.