Developer 2boone Games and Publisher RedDeergames announced the console version of Game Boy-style Agricultural Sim “Bit Orchard: Animal Valley” for overseas.

This work is characteristic of dot picture and easy operation of the color of the color that was affected by the game Boy. While needing a considerable care, it is a hero who got an apple farm, which is a dream of a longing years, with the preamble and planting work from the repair work and the preamble for the apples and selling apple harvesting and sales I will aim for.

A chip tune music that remains in multiple memory is included in this work, and the music can be changed in the case of the room. In addition, the STEAM version released in May 2021 is a small town, fishing, and color change function of screen that can be selected from 8 colors, and the same function is expected to have a similar function to console version.

# Features of this work

  • Easy operation

  • There is no invisible wall

  • Liplayable Experience

  • Pet rabbit

  • Traditional 2D graphic

  • Great music truck

“Bit Orchard: Animal Valley” is unknown for domestic development planned to release Overseas Xbox Series X | S / Xbox ONE / Nintendose Switch. In addition, STeam is also sold at STeam for PC (tax included).