Epic Games and Fortnite are not the kind to let big events pass. On many occasions, the Royal Battle resumed in its account of the prominent appointments, such as some cinema outings, to make a series of content. Once again, Fortnite has planned everything and associates with the iconic Concert of Coachella, bringing down dozens of artists, to put the atmosphere in each of your parts.


A game that makes room

Between new collaborations and unpublished game mode, we do not know where to give head on Fortnite. In addition to the two big figures of the Ubisoft developer who spend a head into the royal battle and the arrival of a zero construction , Season 2 of chapter 3 of the flagship game of Epic Games N ‘ has not yet revealed all surprises! Anyway, Fortnite has never seen as popular as today, and his vertiginous attendance figures testify. For Epic Games and his foal, the time is at the party: it falls well, since the launch of the Coachella festival will come to animate the next days of the Royal Battle.

For more than a month, until May 16, it will be possible to discover the music of the different artists from the programming of the edition 2022 thanks to the radio icons . Coachella obliges, it is recommended to all players and players to get on his 31 because one of the trademarks of this festival also resides in the dress choice of festival-goers and, again, Epic Games A All planned with a salvo of unprecedented cosmetics to recover in two stages within the game shop.

Fortnite heals his outfit for Coachella

From this night, Friday at 2am, Fortnite inaugurated the first accessories related to this unprecedented collaboration. So you can already find the set of natural outfit that consists of a Luminodon back accessory, a morsiro picks and a profile. However, it may be the set of fresh outfit that will interest you, thanks to its Swaguaro back accessory, its festival pickup pickle . Note that both possess an alternative version, cosmic equalizer, which has the particularity of reacting to music . If you can not decide, The Coachella ** Rockers Pack will give you both sets.

For a whole week, the party will beat full on Fortnite while a new cosmetic batch will come from a week. Thus, from April 22, the alto and poet outfits will succeed in the previous two. As for the Alto Ensemble, it will entitle you to a sonic joy backing accessory and the nice electropalm tree .

On the side of the poet set , your character can arbor The accessory of back cosmonautical helmet, the cactoged pick and the main scene coating . As previously, the two sets will be gathered in The Coachella Dancers Pack that offers you, in addition, a loading screen, baptized enter the coachelverse .


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