The war by Wano Country continues both in the anime and in the manga for _ a piece_, since Luffy recently won a new transformation into Gear Fifth in printed history, creating a very different fight between the captain of straw hats and the captain of the pirates of the Beast, Kaido. As the wild battle continues, an amateur animator has recreated the battle between the two intrepid captains in the style of Cuphead, the videogame acclaimed by the criticism presented to fans of characters such as Cuphead and Mugman in a style of animation of early twentieth century..

With Luffy’s last transformation, the captain of straw hats has become a human caricature, apparently able to change its size to anything you want, at the same time that it can transform the environment around it to have the substance of the Rubber. While monkey still has to get a definitive victory against Kaido, since he lost every time that the captain of the straw hat proved the power of him against the dragon pirate, it seems that this final fight with the new form of him finally could give him a victory. Since Cuphead apparently has a style that is in line with Luffy’s Gear Fifth, this certainly makes it an incredible animation.

A Reddit user shared the animation of his fan who sees Luffy in his highest form, Gear Fifth, defeating Kaido in his dragon form, while war for Wano continues with the destiny of the nation isolated on the balance and monkey And his crew tries to fulfill the dreams of Kozuki Oden and the people of Wano:

Luffy vs Kaido (animation in Cuphead style / old animation style) for me from
One piece

Recently, for a piece_ The adaptation to anime had some problems as a result of Toei Animation’s piracy attack, and the company responsible for the series had to delay the series. With the tastes of Dragon Ball Super: Superhero, Digimon and other delayed series, it seems that the main anime titles are slowly returning and the animated battle between Luffy and Kaino will continue.

The creator of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda, has declared in the past that the end of the series is in sight, but as it is, Luffy and company still have a lot at stake.

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