Because free games, it’s still nice, you are offered this selection of seven free-to-play to do on iOS, less popular at the most classic.



You probably noticed it now, Wordle Carton on social networks, especially on Twitter. The principle is as follows: a daily word is to guess. The title immediately inspired a French version, Sutom, which allows you to play with words of our dictionary on an interface that naturally reminds Motus. You have in a time of six chances of offering the correct word, the game indicating the letters of the proposed word that are good but badly placed and in green those that are in the right place. The concept is as simple as addictive and will only take care of a handful of seconds if the weather is missing to play.

Pokémon Unite

Pokémon Unite is a moba that is practiced in an arena with 5 objectives on each side, in 5 against 5. Each team is responsible for defending its base, but also to appropriate neutral objectives that will give them a clear advantage. By beating opponents, the avatars earn in experience and dislocate more and more powerful skills. A rather conclusive title noted 15/20 in our columns: “in putting on the power of the franchise and an accessible gameplay, Pokémon Unite is necessary as a successful moba. Simple without being simplistic, it can be a perfect entrance door For neophytes “. Available since July 2021 on mobile with an exit on iOS and Android, Pokémon Unite continues to attract players around the world and would have reached 70 million downloads.


Free on PC as on mobile, Monolisk is an action-RPG cocktail, CGC and Dungeon construction in a fantasy world. The player is invited to build his own dungeons and share them with his friends. We can therefore explore levels totally created by the online community. The program also consists of recovering cards containing equipment, capabilities, creatures and environments, but also to customize 5 heroes with varied capabilities.


League of Legends, Wild Rift simply transposes the LOL experience on mobile. The principle remains here the same: two teams of 5 players compete on a card composed of 3 channels and a jungle. The participants have the mission to exterminate the opposing defensive towers, paving the way towards the Nexus which once destroyed, offers the victory. The duration of the parts is about fifteen minutes, so ideal for a session on mobile. The experience was very successful as soon as it exit in 2020, why we attributed to him the score of 18/20: “plus accessible, shorter and less frustrating, the games of this mobile version will be able to represent a perfect compromise For players who have dropped from lol and his grueling parts, or for those left on the key by his demanding prerequisites.

Rainmaker – The Beautiful Flood

Puzzle-Game as minimalist as Adorable, Rainmaker – The Beautiful Flood follows the history of small Tian, a child launched in a quest to discover the cause of the rain. To help it in this fantastic epic, it can help from a mysterious medallion that transforms one’s body into a whole bunch of different objects: “_, as lightweight as air, as heavy as a rock or also bouncing a basketball balloon in this unique puzzle resolution game. It is enough to touch the screen to transform. In all, count over 120 levels of puzzle, but also on the ability to create your own level and play hundreds of online levels created by other players.


Dungeon Crawler mixture in turn with cards, Dungeon Faster self-proclaims “The Roguelike of the BENUILE“. In a pretty desined universe, the goal is to lead 5 determined heroes overcoming hordes of enemies during a campaign. You will probably meet a variety of different enemies between _ “Where Garou, Zombibi, or the terrible sketete_”. Among the proposed features, count on the exploration of solo dungeon, hero level, deck construction, looting and offline game; Before each confrontation against a boss, it will be necessary to take good care of improving the capabilities of your heroes.


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Difficult to talk mobile games without evoking the Free-to-Play GESHIN Impact action, developed by Mihoyo, and whose popularity is no longer to demonstrate.
At the base, it is ready for 300 people and $ 100 million that have been invested in this ambitious project.
The story takes place in the world of Teyvat, corrupted by humans after they have received the civilization as a gift from the gods.
A game that knows how to make up regular updates and we had noted 17/20 a year after his exit: “genshin impact is, a year later, a key 1. Very (very!) Generous in content
, with sublime graphics and an incredible staging, Mihoyo’s RPG-Gacha has overcome our a priori to become a rare quality game, regardless of the platform you are changing.

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