Publisher’s Future Friends Games announced on April 18, to release the domestic console version of “Omno” on April 28th. Supported platforms are Nintendo Switch / PS4 / PS5.

“Omno” is a puzzle adventure game that Indie Studio Studio Inkyfox works. In 2021, PC (STeam) and overseas consoles were delivered, and this domestic console development has been revealed. The stage of this work is that there is no mysterious world. The main character is a deep forest and a tough desert, and the freezing tundra and the end are lost to the clouds and walk on the power of the pilgrimage to the power of civilization. On the back of such pilgrimage, some truth is hidden.

In the journey, the puzzle part that solves the mystery of the ruins. Move the objects of the ruins or use the power of the wand with the protagonist to drive the light energy. In addition, the force of the cane can also be used for movement, slipping on the top, slipping, or a smoother with a wand is also possible. A device using such a movement capability is also prepared. In addition, many mysterious creatures in the world are inhabiting, and the name is recorded when a new organism is discovered. And sometimes it will help adventure.

Studio INKYFOX, which works on this work, is a personal studio by Germany-based developer Jonas Mans Manke. Prior to developing his own game, MANKE seems to have been involved in movies and game works as an animator. This work is a power work developed for about five years of age. In addition, about this STEAM version, the article writing is currently attracted more than 600 evaluations in the user review, and 93% are the popular “very popular” status. The popular work will take care of the domestic console deployment.

“Omno” will be released on April 28th for Nintendo Switch / PS4 / PS5.