Log Wave (Representative Kim Dong-hyun) announced that Mobile MMORPG, which is developed based on a river-based IP, will officially service the “teaser site” to self-examine the questions about the game..

Today, a teaser site released today is a new MMORPG, which is being developed with a river, and a new MMORPG enthusiasm W W W W, with an open countdown, and a huh, Hwa-ryong, Hwangryong-ji, a hemorrhage,

The developer’s log Wave is prior to April 25, which is a dictionary reservation event of enthusiasts of enthusiasts, and plans to disclose the detailed features of the new work in the new job.

In May 1994, in May 1994, based on the first episode, it is based on the powerful fandom of the stadicullar martial arts comics, which is serialized for 28 years this year, I added that I met with a mobile game.

In relation to the title of the title of the title, the Wrong Kwang Hye W W introduces the W of the Wang Hyeon, in the meaning of connecting the world and another new world. I had an employment.

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A log Wave official said, “The enthusiasts W,” I am expecting a lot of interest and interested interested attention, ” It will focus on starting and sharing and delivering key features for the game. Through this, we plan to do our best to make it go to another, “he said.”

Meanwhile, on April 25, the pre-announced advance reservation event countdown and the information related to the information of the future game can be confirmed through the published teaser site today.