Captain Christian Günter had really set the comeback after a good hour. Stramper left shot from 20 meters, exactly into the long corner. 20 minutes later, Philipp Lienhart headed to a corner into the goal, and the SC Freiburg had actually turned the 0: 2 residue against Borussia Mönchengladbach.

“But now,” said the Breisgau play guide after the final whistle at “Sky”, “feels extremely like a defeat. It hurts that we did not reward us for catching up.” That it came so, for that, pretty attachment Gladbach’s Joker Lars Stindl had taken care of the 3-3 final score in the screening time.

“We’ve done a good game and only have to bring it over time,” Nicolas Höfler also held “two stupid actions”, through which the sports club had fallen after 13 minutes with 0: 2 behind. At the first “stupid action” had not even been a minute last: the digging court had distracted a Gladbacher crossed in the penalty area with the arm, according to VaR intervention, there were penalty for the guests.

The question of the support story

“My arm is already outstretched on the floor,” says Höfler, “I meant it was support hand”. But “the Schiri (Benjamin Brand, d. Red.) Said that it does not exist anymore”. The wonderful self Gladbach coach Adi Hütter, which it was “sorry for Freiburg”: “This is a very natural movement, no one can not do anything.” Trademeters are always difficult to judge, so the Austrian, “but it is very annoying to get such a penalty against him.”

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Whether Freiburg would have won the game without this residue? So at least Höflers and Co. “look in both directions”. For the now front table depositor RB Leipzig (rank four, two points before) has lost, which, however, was against the posterior table remedies Union Berlin (six, two points back). Just to look at himself, becomes increasingly difficult on the target straight of this season. “It must be the goal that we do not lose a seat,” says Höfler. “And rather make a place well.”