One of the extremely first things that brand-new gamers or gamers are confronted in FFXIV are the 12 gods of Eorzea. One has to pick one of these divine beings directly throughout the character production.

With the patch 6.1, the brand-new RAID myths Eorzeas came according to Fantasy XIV. He focuses on the 12 gods of Eorzea and also their real identities. The option of the problem is very basic as well as was currently revealed in the Addon Shadowbringers.

The gods of Pantheos are designated to one of the 6 elements as well as have different areas of duty, which are partly in nature, such as harvest, sun or time, but also in cultural elements such as scientific research, navigating or profession. There is:

  • Halone, goddess of battle
  • Menphina, siren of love
  • Thaliak, God of rivers and knowledge
  • Nymeia, siren of the Tessirne and also destiny
  • Lilymlaen, goddess of the sea as well as navigating
  • Oschon, God of the mountains and also the hiker
  • Byregot, God of the Arts
  • Ralgr, god of damage

  • Azeymma, siren of the sun
  • Nald’ thal, twin gods of life, profession and fatality
  • Nophica, goddess of wealth as well as harvest
  • Althyk, God of room and time

At least until the 12 gods have given us in the most up to date Raid on the mouth.

Interest: Follow hefty spoilers for the tale of Endwalker.

And while gamers are faced with the twelve in all of them, for example by petitions, things, or swimming words, they were dealt with for a lengthy time as simply mythical numbers.

A raid loaded with lore bombs

They regret that they had to combat against us as well as injure us, but at the same time reveal satisfaction and delight that we are strong sufficient to overcome them.

Last Dream XIV: The most essential NPCs in Endwalker are based upon one of the most prominent final dream game.

When in a meeting with the Famitsu of Supervisor Yoshida told that the “misconceptions Eorzeas” Raid will complete the loose ends of Amaurot, I have actually looked at some old cut scenes from Shadowbringers, that remained to resist my assumption.

Now you can enter the domain name of twelve, which exists in a reality alongside the genuine world, and also talk to the gods there and combat them as RAID employers.

Whatever was original FFXIV as well as it was promptly clear that some tradition bombs are drupted there. There are the 12 gods given that the release of 1.0, the stopped working variation of FFXIV.

The way he did that, as if they were people or personalities that existed earlier and also recognized the EMET-SELCH.

So in the element, they are more like Hydaelyn, which is considered primae, yet not such as a traditional primae.

While the 12 gods have private influences and also elements of the convocation, I do not assume they are based on it. EMET-SELCH is not Nald’ Thal, as low as Fandaniel Oschon is.

Nonetheless, the twelve has actually constantly awakened individuals throughout his very own declaration and also sustained them in times of catastrophes. There are credible eyewitness reports that they were literally there. This bites strongly with the theory that the members of the convocation must be the real identity of the gods.

It transforms me the inquiry: if the participants of the convocation, ie the Ascians, and the twelve the same individuals should be, just how could they exist at the very same time as two various entities?

The Cut Scene in Anamnesis Anyder, where you learn more about Venat for the initial time, you can see specifically 12 more individuals close to you. We do not recognize anything about this exceptionally essential group at all, even though they played an essential role in the history of the world.

Not only did you smell battle, however eliminated universes and to get the death of billions. .

He revolves around the 12 gods of Eorzea and their real identities. Already at the news about a year ago, the motif of the Raid, the 12 gods of Eorzea, obtained a great deal of rate of interest. Of training course, numerous speculation damaged out in the neighborhood, who might now be the gods currently. Even if Yoshida had no remark, it is clearly seen in the structures in the domain of the gods. This bites strongly with the theory that the members of the convocation should be the real identity of the gods.

In order to establish truth identities of the twelve, we do not need to look a lot better. They were already betrayed us in the Addon Shadowbringers, albeit on an incredibly subtle way.

Of course, countless speculation broke out in the neighborhood, who might currently be the gods now. Based on some parallel and also notes of NPC characters in the past, the propensity was decreased to push the twelve towards the convocation.

What do you consider the true identification of twelve? Do you instead often tend to count them to the convocation or do you assume that you are totally different? Tell us your theories in the comments.

In the facility of the RAID tale is the question “Who are the twelve actually?”. Straight to the begin of the missions is made clear that they are no primae or a minimum of no “typical”. They were no one’s nobody as well as have no wish to corrupt individuals to win even more followers.

There is no waterproof proof, however then something as well much to be simply a coincidence.

FFXIV Endwalker The Final Trial EX Guide
That the twelve have a link to Amaurot runs out concern. Also if Yoshida had no remark, it is clearly seen in the structures in the domain of the gods. They lug the very same components as the buildings in Amaurot.

By the way, even more Lore backgrounds from Endwalker is right here:.

It is for that reason noticeable that the twelve belonged to a group that is not hostile to the brand-new life on earth. Which would certainly be the necklace of Venate, which no much longer intended to bring sufferers.

However the twelve exist constantly as positive and also protective deities. It is constantly claimed that during the catastrophes of one or one of the gods individuals have led to security, such as Ralgr at the later homeowners of Ala Mhigo.

Currently at the statement about a year back, the motif of the Raid, the 12 gods of Eorzea, got a great deal of interest. After two addons where the 24-man RAIDs were participations with other Square-Enix video games, ie Ivalice and also Nier, “Myths Eorzeas” lastly came a “homemade” raid.

The positive representation did not simply came from the legends of individuals, however also directly from the very first “online performance” of the gods in the Raid. In the Cut Scenes to the RAID, Azeymma, Nald’ thal, Ralgr as well as Byregot speak about people as their “youngsters”, much like Hydaelyn.

As God of death and also the underworld, his responsibilities overlap with EMET-SELCH and also even in his kind there are particular aesthetic similarities to Hades, such as the robe as well as the “wings”.

The most essential point, which talks against it, are the intentions. After the world of Hydaelyn was fragmented, Ascians have dedicated themselves to cause the reunification at any cost.

There is no factor for the Ascians to be “good”.

This does not accompany the goal of the convocation to clean up the earth and recover it right into the original state.

They are not the convocation, but his opponent, the supporters of Venat. The guess is placed as EMET-SELCH at the end of endwalkers spoke about the “real identity of twelve”.

Since the department of the world, Ascians have functioned tirelessly at the reunification as well as until lately there was no reputable means to ultimately ruin them. This means that also if the warriors of the light made it from the previous ages, to kill the Ascians, they simply proceeded and altered the body.

Because, for instance, the evident name resemblance between the goddess Azeyma as well as Azem, the initial type of player character. Even with God Nald’ thal there are similarities.

I do not omit that the twelve is attached to the convocation one or the various other way. But such a direct way like “Igeyormhm is Halone” acts to be compelled. There are a lot of variances.