For those who have access to the borderlands 3 season passes, or have preacted the DLC Guns, Love and Talsales, you can now access it at any time. The new DLC adds secondary quests, new weapons, enemies and a lot of love when you attend the wedding of HammerLocke and Wainwright.

To start the DLC, look at your game updates with the latest information. The DLC was officially launched on March 26 at 12:00. It should be accessible to all those who have the season season subscription on their account, or if you purchased the DLC separately.

With your updated game, you must make sure that you have a character that has reached chapter 5 of the game and has access to your ship, Sanctuary III. From there, you must locate the wedding invitation in the HammerLocke office, which is on board your ship. It is at the highest level, on the right side. It should be above the Marcus shop. This will be the little invitation on the night table with the exclamation point above. Accept the quest and you can now visitate freely xylourgos and start in a new adventure.

However, players report that they do not have access to xylourgos for the moment. The DLC may have become available at first, but it seems that the planet is missing. We will update more when we can access the planet.

Borderlands 3 - Guns, Love, and Tentacles: How To Start DLC
There is a lot to do in the DLC when it starts working properly, such as exploring new areas on xyLourgos, new stories and secondary quests, extraterrestrial animals starting, new legendary weapons, class mods and New Vault Hunter skins for all characters.