Riot Games held the ‘League of Legend: Di Orchestra MSI Busan’ in the MSI 2022 (MID Season Invitational 2022) venue on May 25 and 26, on May 26th.

Riot Games held a ‘League of Legend Live: Diocestra, a’ League of Legders (hereinafter referred to as Log of Legs (hereinafter referred to as LOL) in Seoul Sejong Cultural Hall in 2021. The performance of the performance has gathered a large topic with the first performance that the Sejong Cultural Center planned the game on the theme, and has received a lot of love with LOL players and the public.

‘League of Legend: Diocestra MSI Busan’ is to deliver the impression of LOL’s first music festival again, as well as the moment of the LOL E sports, will be added to the Hot Open of MSI, adding a list of LOL E Sports.

In Part Part 1 of the Performing Performance, the 9th song, including the “League of Legend Live: Di Orchestra”, such as ‘Summoner’s Call’, You can listen.

Grand Final | 2021 Mid-Season Invitational
The following two parts are composed of a song that can not be subtracted in LOL E sports history. ▲ MSI official theme starts’ Glory in our hands’ (Bring Home the Glory), ▲ World Championship Main Theme Song ▲ Tight ‘5 tight’ symbol ‘Silver Scrapes (Silver Scrapes) ▲ World Championship Theme Lol e-sports such as songs 4 songs 10 songs were prepared.