Marty Robbins - Ballad Of The Alamo
On April 7, Nexon introduced a new job ‘Palace’ in the ‘Country of Wind’. Since then, Nexon was the country of the wind on March 22, after promising to add large-scale content through the STANT showcase, followed by preheating on the marketing for about three weeks. Market comprehensive sales ranking ranked 14th stage and ranked 8th.

This update introduced a marketing strategy that has been familiar with users with more humorous images and communication. TvCF, which is a fascinating smoke, a tvcf, a comic set in a tvcf, a comic set of actor Hae Seung-ri and Lee Tae-jin, a spectacular manner, The user has been logged.

In March, in the March showcase, the users are gathered through the metabus platform ‘젭 (ZEP)’ and watch live broadcasts together in real time, and to experience the main technologies of the new job ‘Zala’ in ‘젭’ We provided experience.

Since the ‘Palace’ update, Nexon has made a love game entertainment program, the country of the wind, the country of the wind, “the country of the wind, the country of the wind,” the country of the wind.

The permeability of the former ‘bow’ and the ‘pair’ of the ‘bow’, the entertainment content ‘wide’, the new job ‘The Book’, played a new job ‘Palace’. In the parody of Mo Cyber University, the Corner, a ‘Palace Aber University’ Corner, from April 14th to 19th to 19, the 11th instructor is becoming a 1 other instructor, Orientation, foundation, and concentrated course lenses that share their attention were uploaded.

‘Nara of the Wind: Nong Dong-Jin, who is a kite’ marketing, is “a lot of trouble with the development team to reach users in a friendly and fun way,” he said, “Thank you for your support,” We will try to make a game that can be a game that can be close to all of the new users. “

Meanwhile, Nexon has updated ‘Siege – former’ by starting ‘White Hair’ on the 21st. In this content that places four new aquatic residents and competing in the Moonpa Union, the content that owns the castle is a benefit, which has a dedicated heterozyme groundwater, and a benefit of the castle tax rate is provided by the performance of the castle tax rate. ‘Siege’ Operational Strategy and Some Restrictions for Some Restrictions on the establishment and stable service are set for four weeks of exhibition period.

New Daily Reid ‘Challenge of King of Rabbit King’ added. With the rabbit king to the background of the rabbit as the background, the raid of the concept, using a special device, you can more easily clear the raid. When you get Raid Clear compensation, you can produce a new item, a ‘Catholic Garray’, and wears a ‘Capital Garray’, you can get the ‘Gift Buff of the Rabbit King’ from the former Language area to Jin Seung-jung.