Cacao Games (Representative Cho Gyeon-hyun) will start in earnest of social contribution campaign ‘Friends Game Land’.

Cacao Games announced on the 26th that we have provided a theme park experience to 30 stone spring children and adolescents in the Chonchon General Social Welfare Center in Seongnam City, Seongnam City.

‘Finding Friends Game Land’ is a experienced bus that has grafted mobility in the VR theme park game content that enjoys with the ‘Kakao Friends’ character. In this event, we install 4D chairs and VR images inside the bus to provide a joy that rides the actual playground, close the eye, and use the tactile “Braillon Block Game ‘and Ryan Photozone’ And adolescents offered a different play experience.

Cacao Games plans to actively operate a variety of social contribution activities for expanding game culture this year with this campaign.

Stacy and friends play active outdoor games
“As the social staff will gradually relax, we plan to find children who need a game of game culture this year,” said Kakao Games. Thank you. “

Meanwhile, Cacao Games is a ‘multi-value game’, which is a ‘multi-value game’, which makes people ‘s daily life through’ fun ‘through’ game fun ‘, and a’ Digital Supporters’ I am expanding.