A new element in girlshin impact? And new elementary reactions? We take stock of a leakage of information that will undoubtedly interest the players in our complete guide to gesshin impact.


There is new onesHin Impact… Finally more precisely, on the coming content! So yes, there is also content currently, whether it is the web event or the Crytaulogy event, currently in progress and that can reward you with nearly 420 primo-gems, but difficult to not think about the future… which will consist of Sumeru, a new area, but also from the dendro element! And new information about it comes to leak…

The Dendro element, what is it?

First of all, a small reminder regarding the element dendro . The latter exists in fact… since the beginnings of peoplehin impact. It is associated with Sumeru , which will be in theory the next big area of peoplehin impact. Even if so far, no character mastering this element is playable, this element is actually already in play

Indeed, the dendroblobs , which particularly appreciate to exert, are at stake from the beginning, and you probably have already killed. To date, the only elementary reaction with them activates with the element Pyro : This reaction inflicts damage Pyro over time, the grass in the game being also considered to be The element dendro . It was for the moment all we knew about this element… except that since the closed beta which is currently taking place in China, new information surfaced.

Elementary reactions of the dendro element

It’s a Tweet of Genshin Intel, famous leader, which is rather credible when it comes to posting information not yet known to peoplehin impact players. And it tweeted a message about the Dendro element on April 24th. You are translated to you:

  • Intensification (Dendro + Electro): Damage Dendro and Electro On the affected enemy increase for 7 seconds.
  • Overdevelopment (dendro + hydro): loose from graves that grow and become fungi. The latter explode after an element application Hydro and make damage dendro in the area around them.

We would have here two of the new elementary applications of the Dendro element. And these last two are very interesting, especially for the element electro that only requires enjoying a bruss of damage. Could it be the method for Hoyoverse to improve this element without directly improving the characters who use it?

FINALLY!! These Are The New Dendro Reactions In 3.0 - Genshin Impact
Other actually interesting, the dendro element, always after Genhin Intel, would have no reaction with the other elements (Anemo, Cryo and Geo) . The players understand the logic behind the fact that Geo and Anemo have no interaction, but a little less the fact that it is the case with Cryo , which is the 4th main element . But unless ourselves in beta (which would be very surprising), we have a list of “compatible” items with the dendro.

Now, we just have to discover the characters Dendro !


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