Fill up on free towers (spins) and free parts for Coin Master on April 28, 2022! Find all the links to click today to collect Tours (spins) and free parts (corners) Coin Master in order to improve your village and your collection of cards and sets.


Every day, Coin Master offers you to win free laps and free pieces in addition to those you can unlock while playing and advancing in the game. To progress faster and build your villages faster, no Secret: you have to run the wheel as often as possible to fill up on pieces, attack your opponents and find chests! Find below the Links of the Master Coin Day which will help you develop your village thanks to their free awards.

Master corner: Tours (spins) and free parts (corners) of April 28, 2022

Click on the following buttons from your mobile to open the links of the day and recover the Tours and free rooms of April 28, 2022 Master Coin .

Spins/Tours & Free Parts/Corners of the Day #1

Spins/Tours & Free Parts/Corners of the Day #2

Spins/Tours & Free Parts/Corners of the Day #3

The links allowing to obtain these free free parts and towers very appreciated for Master Coin are generally valid for 72 hours, so do not hesitate to click on it even if you are a little delay. Please note, each Tours (spins) and free parts (corners) link can only be used once: the game will indicate to you anyway if this Master link already has already been used.

Tips and tips for Master Coin

How to get free towers and free parts in Coin Master?

There are many ways to obtain free towers and free parts in Coin Master. In addition to the famous links of the day that reward you for your attendance, one of the simplest ways consists of invite your Facebook friends to join the Coin Master adventure. Each of your friends who will accept the invitation then download the game and register using their Facebook account will allow you to win 40 free laps! Another method consists in send free spins and free gifts to your friends who also play the game. Rest assured, these gifts are offered: you do not give your personal tricks, you only send Without losing it! Normally, your friends will send you the same and make you enjoy the free towers (spins) they can offer and everyone will win . Otherwise, patience remains the most economical and least tiring means of obtaining free Master Coin tricks: just wait to recover 5 free laps per hour. Please note, they no longer accumulate after ten hours of waiting, the energy bar allowing to store only 50 free laps.


How to progress faster in Coin Master?

One of the keys to progress in Coin Master is to maximize your number of towers and parts, and to spend them intelligently. Arrived at a certain level, it is preferable to cut the construction of a village only if you have the necessary parts to build the whole at once: if you build the buildings as you go, you will have to Repair them after the assaults of other players before they can continue their construction. An expenditure in very useless pieces, and easy to avoid. Better: Optimize according to the temporary special events of the game . Wait in having a good village master to carry out the cheapest construction possible and save your stock of parts! Even if the game grants a big place at random, be careful with the parameters that are left to your appreciation: take advantage of the events if they are interesting compared to your needs, Priorise the viking If you need to complete a Card set (therefore to benefit from a large number of free laps at a given time), build if it’s interesting, store your pieces if that is not the case… without forgetting to take care of you and Select your pet and proceed to cards with your friends or group, a task that takes time but whose long -term rewards are worth it!

Should we spend all of your free towers and free parts every day?

There is no need to spend all your free Master Coin Coin Coin every day, on the contrary. It all depends on the stage where you are in the game: if you have to accumulate the rooms to build a village at once or you want to play Viking to try to get the missing gold cards to finish a set And have a large number of free laps to progress afterwards, if you are waiting for a Master Coin event for which you prefer to accumulate your free laps to spend your spins… It’s up to you to determine a goal and a priority in your progress And to adapt your expenses accordingly. In any case, stay assidus to the game by connecting to yourself daily and activating the links of free towers and free Master Coin of the day every day to accumulate a large number of spins and corners!

Should we play tournaments in Coin Master and with what strategy?

The daily tournaments Master corner are quite easy and they deserve to invest at least a few free towers in it. The first milestones are easy to reach and you can get their rewards without difficulty, then assess whether the prices put into play deserve that you reduce your precious reserve of free Master Coin… the Tournaments Attack in Folie and looting in madness deserve reflection before being undertaken, it will be necessary to spend many towers to arrive at the last level. The special tournaments (or symbol tournaments) that take place over several days deserve all your attention because they are the ones who will allow you to really progress in the game because you have more time to invest and get their good Rewards. Merchant on the other hand with the group tournaments : all the players who participate there do not have the same prices to recover, especially in terms of towers (spins), and the group in which you are placed depends on your profile of player. It is notably possible that players spending money in the game to buy tricks are advantaged.


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