Daewon Media, a comprehensive entertainment company, (CEO Jung Wook, Jung Dong -hoon) ” Daewon Media Game Lab ” Nintendo Switch ™ exclusive download version of ‘Turn Tack’ of ‘Staff Games (CEO Hak -hyun Cho)’ It was officially released today on April 28.

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‘Turntaek’ is an exotic adventure game set in the background of Aztec’s myths. You can feel the joy of understanding the characteristics of things and overcoming the challenges with exquisite difficulty, and the graphics of the dreamy atmosphere and the sound that adds tension adds to the immersion of play.

Aztec, where the world is destroyed every 4,000 years, and a white hair girl who destroys the world even in the fifth world after four destruction. The Aztecs who discovered a white hair girl should only offer the heart of the girl to prevent the destruction of the world.

The girl who fled from the pursuit of the people avoids the attacks of those who came to catch themselves and the beasts in the contradiction that ‘the destruction of the world’ depends on ‘their survival’, and adventures throughout the dangers.

From the development stage, ‘2020 Unity MWU BEST ASSET’, ‘2020 BIC Graphic Candidate’, ‘2021 Indie Craft Excellence Award (Personal Sponsorship)’ ‘Turntack’, which has attracted the attention of game officials and users, can be enjoyed in ‘Nintendo E Shop’ from overseas countries such as South Korea, North America, Europe, and Japan from April 28th. Hope consumer prices are 15,000 won.

‘Daewon Media Game Lab’ will continue to discover and publish retro games with potential indie game developers to actively enter the major console market of domestic indie games and enter the overseas market.