Genshin Impact is a game with a lot of knowledge, and the main story revolves around two twins who were separated. Although many things in Genshin Impact are still revealed, there are several details of the plot that the developers confirmed. Some of them are associated with the mysterious main characters Lumin and ether.

Lumin and ether are called twins, which means that they are of the same age. They look about 14-16 years old, but we know that they have been in Tayvat for many years. more than 500 years. This is confirmed by the fact that they were separated after an attempt to escape from the world during the fall of Khaenri’a.

Genshin Impact Theory | 500 Years Apart Lumine's War With Destiny

We also know that they probably traveled to many worlds earlier, which perhaps makes them much older than originally supposed. It can be assumed that these two are probably immortal or long -livers, since not one of them has grown old during his stay in Tayvat. Even during your travels with Paces, the twin you have chosen does not show any signs of aging.

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