Are you looking for exclusive items that will be for few Robloxans? Take gift cards! Starting May 1, 2022 , Roblox added free bonuses for those who buy a Roblox gift card at any time for a month. These items include hats, glasses, backpacks, shoulder accessories and much more, and they can be unlocked only by entering the code indicated on the back of the corresponding gift cards Roblox. To find out which stores open what items, read our list below!

Party shops

These gift cards and items can be exchanged in many countries and purchased in several unique stores.

Roblox April Gift Card Items 2022!


  • Backpack “Magic wand”

Best purchase

  • Ciller of the coral reef

Big W (Australia)

  • Shoulder companion of Kraken


  • Assistant magician


  • Hat of the pound of the magician

General dollar

  • Too cool seagull

EB Games

  • Fishing sword


  • Orange balloon animal shoulder

H Gamestop (or Eb Games)

  • Coral Life Hat

Jb Hifi (Australia and New Zealand)

  • Neo-violet tiger hat


  • BBBP

Sainsbury’s (UK)

  • The tail of the white tiger

Select sellers

  • Hat with a crystal ball

The goal (USA)

  • Happy surfing board

Walgers (USA)

  • Headphones for a beach ball

Walmart (or ASDA)

  • Clown hat with a knockdown

U. Kh. Smith (UK)

  • Helmet of fish fugue

Wolvirts (Australia)

  • Osminog backpack

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