The first magical aspect of Minecraft that the new players learn is that each world they generate is completely new , there are no two equal. However, you don’t have to leave this process totally at random. Knowing the concept Seed (Seed) in Minecraft is essential to understand how worlds are generated and have some control over this construction.

Then I explain what the seeds are, how to use them to take advantage of and which are the best.

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What are the seeds in Minecraft?

The seeds (Seeds) in Minecraft are the elements used to create the worlds. In technical terms, they are a alphanumeric series that is responsible for executing the appropriate algorithm to shape the world every time you generate it.

Normally, the games generate the worlds randomly. However, you can introduce the code of a seed so that the world has the characteristics or pattern you choose. Therefore, the seed is as the DNA of the world. Each change that is introduced will be reflected throughout the world.

If you dare to play to be God, you can choose the seed when you start playing Minecraft . You have several options. You need a previous selection and have the codes you want already prepared, although you will not always need the latter to choose the one you want. Many of these worlds will already be created by other players .

Some versions of Minecraft have an additional Menu to introduce the seed code. You access the seed collector and some video game selections appear. If you like it, just select it and start playing. Although all this sounds complicated, its execution is very simple.

What are the most interesting seeds?

All this is about tastes, so there are really not some better than others. Here are the favorites of many users , either because a content creator has used it or for any other reason. These are for Windows 10:

Desert village *: 1136332378
Taiga village : -453238948
Coastal village : -1813740965
Varied Biomas *: 2111844826
Bamboo forest : 1959330209
Sunflowers : 654775433
Witch hut *: 856 1112
Strength : -1640-496
Mushroom islet : 1404986100
Survival Island *: 24517192
Shipwreck : -280 8
Map Heart : 11091800999
Terrieving Mansion *: -396676922
Mansion with near Cave : -577384543
Oceanic monument in sight : -513070979
* Advanced post : 190800072

And a few for the Java Edition versions:

Ice and fire *: -6183068961479409378
Double skeleton spawn : -1627030624
Amazing valley : 1861004534102875792
Gigantic Islands *: -1007380239
Mix of Biomas *: 266794693

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