The legendary Richard Garriot, along with a longtime partner Todd Porter, founded a new studio called Demeta – the Dehorizon unit.

The latter specializes in the metavselnaya and sheltered by the industry veterans from Riot, Dungeons & Dragons and Blizzard, as well as web3 experts, the Internet on the blockchain. So Garriot, settled in Austin, Texas, is already working on MMO with P2E and NFT, which are attached to the lands purchased for cryptocurrency.

Ultima Father Richard Garriot showed the concepts of the new Mmorpg in isometry and with NFT


The initiative of the multifacetedly talented master, which gave the world a series of Ultima, has already been supported by leading companies in this industry. At the same time, tokens in a multi -user game with maximum freedom in terms of mastering your own location scrap will be optional.