A tunic is a world full of secrets, riddles and dangers. As you advance, you will need to rely on your mind and objects to survive. When you have supplies or you need improvements, visiting a shopkeeper will always be a good idea. This NPC can be found in different places of the game. This is where you can find all shopkeepers in a tunic.

where to find all the shopkeepers in a tunic

Tunic - All Secret Fairy Locations - How To Solve And Answers!

store owner in another world

This will probably be the first shopkeeper that you will encounter and it will be easiest to detect. In the center of the upper world, you will find a windmill. Go inside and you will find a shopkeeper.

the owner of the West-Garden store

The shopkeeper in the Western Garden can be found inside the column where you will meet the Knight of the Garden. Go along the left side and enter the secret passage.

Before entering the forest fortress, go left. You will pass by the pillar and see the staircase leading down. Go past the stairs and enter the crack in the wall to find a shopkeeper there.

Runned shopkeeper on the atoll

Climb the stairs from the main bridge on the right. In the end, you will see a staircase that will lead you to the beach. Instead, go around the corner of the edge and enter the secret passage on the side.

the owner of the old burial ground

The shopkeeper here can be found in the mausoleum. You can find this building next to the entrance when you first enter the old cemetery.

Cathedral shopkeeper

Exploring the cathedral, you will find the hero of the hero and the staircase leading down in front of him. Instead, go right and enter the crack in the wall to find a shopkeeper there.

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