Chapter 24 of the famous horror game for survival. The dead in daylight was confirmed. Despite the fact that there is no official release date, it is believed that it will be launched in May, that is, about three months after the release of Chapter 23. The upcoming chapter, which will probably include a new villain and surviving, will coincide with 6- The anniversary of the game.

Like all previous chapters, Dead by Daylight Chapter 24 will present a new serial killer and surviving. This, of course, is according to the leak that appeared in Redid.

This playable killer, dredger has two special abilities: twilight and twilight . Using the twilight, the killer can teleport to any survivor who can use the cabinet for shelter. Twilight, on the other hand, forced to survive to develop a strategy in the dark, thereby giving the enemy more chances.

Secondly, a new survivor will join the composition: Haddie Caur , a psychic research with the ability to enhance the effect of blindness. Activation of this gives the player the opportunity to see scratches and wounds of other survivors.

Dead by Daylight | 6 Years of Kills & Thrills

Behavior Interactive fixed the live broadcast on May 17 in the diary. Details of the update, including all the aforementioned content, will be studied in detail on the same day.

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