This message is not for normal earners! You can currently buy a gold -plated Nintendo Wii Plus game via the auction platform Goldin. We’ll tell you what this valuable piece of jewelry is all about and why the Queen of England is involved in this auction.

is that the most expensive Wii in the world?


Do you have $ 5,000? For this proud price, a gilded Nintendo Wii can be obtained from the online auction house Goldin . In addition to the console, the package includes a controller and a game: Big Family Games.

However, the video game is hardly worth anything. Current price at Rebuy: just under 10 euros. It is much more interesting, on the other hand, for whom the valuable console and the game was originally determined. Namely for none low than queen Elizabeth II.

No joke! Publisher THQ had the console refined with 24-carat gold as part of a promo campaign in order to give it to the queen of England. For security reasons, the Güldene Wii never got into the Buckingham Palace.

In the meantime, THQ no longer exists in its original line -up and The console was sold by one collector to the next. Now the noble piece of technology is looking for a new (wealthy) home again.

The golden Wii is a bargain

If you have a serious interest in the console, you can do it up to the 22. May 2022 . There are currently 21 bidders and the console is at a value of $ 5,000. However, this number should increase again shortly before the end.

If you generally do not know what to do with your money: Goldin can be found on Goldin. How about the first Spider-Man comic from 1962 for crisp $ 320,000 ?

Or are you more of the Batman fan? On the platform you can secure the first comic for one million US dollars . That is almost free!