Kim Bo -tong will participate in the meta bus blockchain platform built by Caribus (CEO Yoon Jung -hyun).

Kim Bo -tong is the original author of ‘D.P.’, which was aired on Netflix in 2021, and also participated in the production of works. Kim, who presented various webtoons and essay works, shows many fans not only in Korea but also abroad by presenting artworks and solid stories that fit his work.

Caribus Co., Ltd., a joint venture between Carry Soft Co., Ltd. and Mentysco Co., Ltd., is preparing for a life -oriented game -type meta bus ‘Carry Park’ and a real -time turn -based PRG ‘Super Cola’. In the third quarter of 2022, before the game, the company plans to issue a PFP (Profile for Picture) NFT first. The PFP is the main character of the alien ‘Super Cola’ hidden in the appearance of the puppy doll. The core of this project is ‘companion’ and ‘communication’ with the user, and will be linked with ‘Carrie Park’ and ‘Super Cola’ to be released in the future.

PFP, Carry Park and Super Cola share a worldview. Kim Bo -tong will participate in the construction of this worldview and producing episodes, and the image made by the artist’s drawing will also be produced.

Caribus, meanwhile, received 3.1 billion investments from Central Investment Partners and CJ & Investment Partners in April. Starting with the partnership with Kim Bo -tong, we will accelerate the construction of a solid platform through a partnership with various characters and companies.