This week practically all of the most important leagues in the world will end, but everything will continue in FIFA 22, which this week will make up for that gap with the publication of the LaLiga TOTS. A compilation of the best players of the season, which will offer the best cards for the game. And you won’t want to miss it if you have a team based on our local competition which, for many, is the best on the planet.

After having been able to vote for the nominees to choose our favorites, we now know when the LaLiga TOTS cards will be available. Until the date arrives, we will update this article with leaks and confirmations that come ahead of time, which, as you know, is quite common in the EA Sports game.

When will the LaLiga TOTS be in FUT?
We know when the LaLiga Santander TOTS will be available in FIFA 22 through Ultimate Team. It will be next Friday, May 20, and, as usual, they will be released from 7:00 p.m. (peninsular time). We will know the complete team that will bring together the best of the local competition in Spain from then on.

It is still unknown which footballers will be available for the team, but, as always, there are already some exciting leaks. Insiders like FUT Sheriff have leaked some of the graphic cards that will be available on Friday, such as Benzema or Modric, who deserve to be part of the team.

In addition, for the first time, there will be a special event organized by LaLiga and LaLiga Santander, where we will meet the 15 best players of the season that can be followed on the organization’s networks next Thursday 19, just one day before the cards – if the usual plan is maintained – are available.

Until the official publication arrives, we will be attentive to all the fitting leaks about the LaLiga TOTS since it is one of the most anticipated events by Ultimate Team players.

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