Obtaining a Roaster Handle may seem impossible when you start in Little Witch in the Woods, especially because you get a bottle of an extractor so early. Be patient, complete the main quest and do not forget to talk to Aurea.

What needs to be done to get a frying handle in a “little witch in the forest”?

Most of the steps to get the hub of a brazier in order to fix the roasting in the witch’s workshop is a matter of time. You will need to take a lot of these steps for the main story, but you will also not be able to cope, without going through these progression at first.

Open the entrance to the village and destroy the curse of the aurea.

You will need to have destroyed the honey pumpkin using Weed Terminator . This is the area southeast of the witch’s house. The destruction of weeds here will allow you to first talk with Aurea, a merchant. After talking with her, return to the house and make a lollipop that takes off the curse and return it to Aurea. She will give you a bottle for the extractor and say that in the near future she will figure out how to get a pen.

Find Rambrum and break the barbed vine

The next day, take more weeds Terminator in the direction northwest of the witch’s house. Destroy the honey pumpkin here and find a rumbrum who needs to be released. Return it to the witch’s house and make him a therapeutic candy . After that, he will lead you to the barbed vine. Destroy it by performing the steps of the investigation and receiving the ingredients for the preparation of the potion. Use the potion on prickly vine to destroy it and gain access to the village. .

Talk with Enite and return the next day

Talk to Rubrum’s grandmother in the north-eastern part of the village. She will tell you to come tomorrow. When you return, talk with her again and discuss the destruction of vines in the village. Then she will give you mission to talk with local residents to get more information about the evil of the plant and how to get rid of it.

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How to open Aurea store in Little Witch in the Woods

When you fulfill the order Enet and start talking to others, use this opportunity to find aurea in the city center. Talk to her, and she will invite you to start making potions and sweets for her for money. Acceptance of this will tell you Aurea asks two medical sweets to deliver the next day. If you bring sweets the next day, it will give you exactly as much money as you need for a pen. To get a descriptor, talk with Aurea again and select the “store” option. Scroll down and Select the frying handle for 150 coins .

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