‘Defending Champion’ DRX and ‘Steady PronounDamwon Kia will face the 2022 Valorant Challengers Korea Stage.

Caedrel on Damwon Kia Roleswaps

Riot Games, the 5th to 5th Dae -type character -based tactical shooting game ‘Balorant’, said that 2022 Valorant Challengers Korea Stage 2 will end at Sangam Colosseum located at the Sangam -dong Esplex Center in Mapo -gu, Seoul.

Valorant Challengers Korea Stage 2 is the DRX who won the last stage 1, On Slayers, the runner-up team, and Damwon Kia in the semifinals, and Maru Gaming and WGS X-IT, who entered the stage 1 playoffs again, do. Daejeon Hana CNJ, Spear Gaming, and Tartaros, who have passed the open qualifiers, confront the existing rivers as they win the stage 2.

In the opening match on the 21st, the Slayers and Maru Gaming will face. On Slayers, who has emerged as a runner -up in Stage 1, has become a strong player. Maru Gaming has a gap when ‘Flounder’ Jung Hae -do and ‘Delta’ Lee Jun -hyung left the team, but recruited and recruited ‘Moves’ Park Joon -seo from Team T5 and ‘Jung Hai’ from Kia.

In the second match on the same day, the ‘defending champion’ DRX and the traditional Damwon Kia confront. After winning the Valorant Challengers Korea Stage 3 in 2021, DRX, who won the stage of stage 1 in 2022, has challenged for three consecutive championships. Damwon Kia changed the empty seat of ‘Intro’ Kang Seung -kyun, ‘Eugene’ Kim Soo -young, and ‘Jung Hai’ Lee Jung -ha.

On the 22nd, the second day, the three teams who passed the stage 2 qualifiers will be debuted. Daejeon Hana CNJ confronts the WGS X-IT and Spear Gaming plays with Tartaros. We are looking forward to seeing the three new teams.

The 2022 Valorant Challengers Korea Stage 2 finals will be held for 4 weeks, and weeks 1 and Week 2 will be held from Saturday to Tuesday, and 3rd and 4th weeks from Saturday to Monday. Two games a day will be played, and all matches will be played in three games and two wins.

Unlike Stage 1, which only allowed the playoffs, Stage 2 can be watched by fans from the finals. Stage 2 final tickets are sold online on ticket links and are closed at 8 pm on the evening. Tickets for viewing will be sold three times, including the finals, playoffs, and semi -finals.

The fans’ response is hot as it is possible to watch offline from the Challengers Stage 2 finals. On the 21st of the opening day, the reservation for the game of On Slayers, Maru Gaming, DRX and Damwon Kia, and the fact that the entire seat was sold out, proved that interest in the finals is great.

On -site events will be held for the opening of the Balorant Challengers Korea Stage. Various events such as VCT Swag Kit and limited edition mouse pads will be held in the field, and the Riot Pistist Bump Firepers event will be held through a lottery for fans who have purchased more than three tickets.

The relay has also changed slightly. Kim Soo -hyun announcer and Chae Min -joon announcer, who played the caster in Stage 1, joined Choi Kwang -won announcer.