In an interview with Leo Edit, the famous actor of TV shows and cinema Norman Ridus (“Walking Dead”, “Saints from the Bundok”), who gave his appearance to the chief hero of the game Death Stranding Sam, spoke about the work on the continuation of the “Simulator of the Courier” from the genius Hideo Kodzima.

Norman did not tell the details of the production of Death Standing 2, but shared his memories of how he was invited to work on the first part of the game.

Norman Reedus CONFIRMS Death Stranding 2... - You Need To See This
_ “Guillermo del Toro, who gave me my first film, called me and said:“ Hello, there is a guy named Hideo Kojima, he will call you, just say yes. And I say: “What do you mean, just tell me?” He says: “Stop being m ** Ohm, just say yes. Then I was in San Diego, and Hideo came with a large group of people, he was from Tokyo, and showed me what he worked on-a game called Silent Hill. I was shocked that he showed me, and I thought: “Yes, let’s do it.” This is not Miss Pakman; It is so realistic, it is so futuristic, it is so difficult and beautiful that I was just amazed._

It took two or three years to finish all Mocap sessions and all that. It requires a lot of work. And then the game came out, and she received all these awards, and this was a big event, so we just started developing the second part. ”_

There are no official announcements or comments from Kojima Productions yet.