[Mir Park Ye -jin reporter] Blockchain game non -blockchain game industry’s strategy is mixed. The P2E game industry continues to invest in new P2E, while the Biblockchain game company is focusing more on IP aspect expansion.

According to the game industry on the 22nd, game companies that entered the P2E such as Netmarble, Com2us, and Wemade announced their new P2E in the first half, as mentioned earlier.

Netmarble officially launched ‘Second Country (Global)’ and ‘Golden Bros’ in May, and in the second half of the year,’ Monster Taming: Arena ‘,’ King of Fighters: Arena ‘,’ Champions: Ascension ‘,’ Marvel of All: Meta World will be introduced sequentially.

Wemade plans to introduce ‘Mir M: Vanguard & Baga Bond’ (Mir M) in the first half of the year, and will be introduced in the global market in the second half of the year.

Com2us Group will launch ‘Gameville Pro Baseball Super Stars’ (Gempa), ‘Critica’ and ‘Hello Ela’ on the C2X platform in the first half. ‘Summers War: Chronicle’ is planned to launch overseas in July in July and P2E. In the second half of the year, five types of Working Dead: All -Stars, World of Genonia, Marble Lace, Crypto Superstars, and Project Alchemist are ahead.

Jang Hyun -guk, CEO of Wemade, said in a performance presentation on the 11th, “In the short term, ‘Mir 4’ is making sales stably, and new works such as ‘Mir M’ are expected to reinforce our top lines.” The platform is a fixed cost -oriented business, and as the sales leverage increases, it will play a very positive role in profitability as a result. ”

On the other hand, game companies, which are far from P2Es such as Nexon and Smilegate, are more focused on their intellectual property (IP) expansion.

Nexon will expand its IP to the new development headquarters, the Big & Little Strategy. The Big & Little is composed of experimental projects (Little) centered on large -scale projects (big) and small personnel. In particular, Nexon plans to launch the first sub -brand ‘Mint Rocket’ in the game industry as part of ‘Little’ and showcase experimental IPs centered on the console genre. In addition, Nexon is ‘Hit 2’ this year. He predicted lineups such as Arc Raders, Cartrider: Drift, Tales Weaver: Second Run, and Mabinogi Mobile.

Smilegate is also planning to foster the function as a ‘platform’ by expanding its external IP lineup from Smilegate Stove’s stove platform, which turned its first surplus in five years. Earlier on the 10th, Rock Square’s ‘Wild Draw’ entered the stove with the first external IP this year.

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IP diversification using existing popular games also continues. Smilegate RPG will showcase the Lost Arc OST as a full orchestra on the 3rd of next month through the concert ‘Dear Friends’ focused on music in Lost Arc Game. In the online festival Loaon Winter, which was held in December last year, Geumgang -sun, director of Kumgang -sun, said, “We plan to develop Lost Arc into IPs such as movies and dramas.”.

Nexon also held a ‘Borderless performance’ that combines this month’s game and music and presented a stage that combines popular game IP into traditional arts by modernly reinterpreting ‘Washing Kim Gut’ into Maple Story IP. Nexon held the Maple Story Concert ‘Symphony of Maple Story’ in March this year.