Hideo Kojima is known for preserving the mystery around his games, it is his thing. While there may be examples prior to this, the most significant examples began withsolid metal gear 2_. The players bought the game assuming that they would play again as solid Snake and that the game had been marketed that way. Very early in the game, the carpet was removed from the players and introduced themselves to Raiden, a character who would later become the playable protagonist of the game. Withsolid metal gratification v_ The game was announced as nothing but the pain of the ghost_ and was being made by a new developer called Moby Dick Studio. It was later revealed that this was the next Metal Gear Solid game, but only after an exhaustive amount of viral marketing. And finally, there was pt another false game of a false study that was later revealed as a new Silent Hill.

Said all this, Norman Reedus apparently ruined a surprise by stating that he had begun to work in the death of death 2_. Hideo Kojima still has to confirm a sequel to the game, but it seems that there are many possibilities that it is happening. Following Reedus, spilling the beans, Kojima turned to Twitter to publish a photo of him pretending to break the living women’s actor in the head with the Negan baseball bat. The photos were also properly subtitled with “Go to your private room, my friend,” probably punishing him as a father. It is possible that these are ancient and Kojima photos are using them to bring to light the situation without directly confirming that yes, Varada of death 2 is happening.

From now on, nothing is known about what Kojima will do below. He mocked an appearance in this year’s Game Awards, but it is not clear what he will show. Anyway, I should not spend much time until we discover what Hideo Kojima has under the sleeve, especially if Norman Reedus continues to filter things to the press.

Kojima and Norman Reedus dance in the rain celebrating Death Stranding? MGSV The Phantom Pain PC mod
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