The shooting of the series “ASOKA” barely began, but at Star Wars Celebration, a short teaser trailer gathered in Anaheim still shown in Anaheim. And at the spill performed by Rosario Dawson, the company appeared.

Firstly, Lucasfilm and Disney confirmed that Natasha Liu Bordizzo (“Akimbo guns”) will be played by Sabin Vren. Secondly, in the continuation of the animated “star wars: rebels” Chopper and Hera Sindula will appear. The latter, by the way, has already lit up in the video game Star Wars: Squadrons.

Hera Syndulla and Chopper cameos in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Whether the plots of ASOKI and the third season of Mandalorz will intersect, it is too early to speak. Earlier, fans were demonstrated by shots with Dean Jarin, Skoga and Bo-Catan Kraz in Sandari-the destroyed capital of the Mandalor.

The broadcast “ASOKI” on Disney+ will begin next year.