[game Park Ye-jin reporter] ‘Unicorn Company’ Enpixel (co-representative Bae Bong-gun and Jung Hyun-ho) will foster ‘Grandaga’ and other game intellectual property (IP) and expand to the meta-pixel ‘meta-pixel’.

Koh Jung-hwan, head of the Eye News24 ICT Forum (ICTF) 2022, held at the Dongdaemun Digital Plaza (DDP) Seoul On Video Studio at 1 pm on the 31st of the 31st, at 1 pm The blueprint of the meta bus ecosystem ‘metapixel’ has been unveiled.

In ‘Pixel’ of Metapix Cell, services that expand from game IP are located. Enpixel plans to focus on the game, which is the essence and strength of the company to build its metapixel, and expand the related IP to methuses.

Ko said, We are preparing to make various games such as Grand Sagawa Odyssey and use the related IP in metapixels. I emphasized.

For example, if the existing game Grande owns my character, it can be dotized and inserted into another game, or it can be produced as a virtual character or a virtual human. In this process, NFT will play a role in connecting the closed game economy and the ‘token economy’ that expands the game brand.


The core of the metapixel ecosystem is the protocol economy based on Web 3.0. Mr. Ko defined Meta Bus as a means to realize the protocol economy. The protocol economy is an ecosystem that trades by individual protocols (promises) without the intervention of a giant platform.

The open source delivered from the web 1.0 environment has moved from Web 2.0 to the digital environment, but the monopoly of the large platform companies is created, but in Web 3.0, anyone can play a platform if it is an idea.

Earlier, Enpixel aimed to build a game ecosystem combined with blockchain by using IP, and in January, the Meta Bus Project ‘Grand Bus’ was released in January. Metapixes are interpreted as an ecosystem that embodies the Grand Bus.

Meanwhile, Enpixel, which was established in September 2017, was recognized for its growth potential through a series B investment at 100 billion won last year, and has been named ‘Unicorn Company’ as the shortest period of domestic game companies. In January last year, En Pixel, which launched the MMORPG ‘Grandaga’ in Korea, will be released in Korea, and this year, the Grandaga will be in full swing and unveils the Epic Fantasy MMORPG ‘ChronoPG’, which is being developed as the next film. Plan.