The Cycle: Frontier is a science fiction shooter for survival in which you play for a prospector going down in search of materials and performing quests on the planet Fortune III. It includes both PVE and PVP content with numerous seasons. This may make you think about whether the Cycle: Frontier is seasonal wipes.

when is the Cycle: Frontier was erased?

The answer is positive-there will be napkins between the seasons The Cycle: Frontier . The developer Yager confirmed this in the cycle: the border of the discussion post on Steam. This means that at the end of each season, which is expected to last three months, the servers will be removed, and with them most of your progress.

will progress be transferred from the previous season?

Progress will not be transferred from the previous season The Cycle: Frontier. Your cache, quarterly improvements and the level of each fraction will be dropped at the end of the season. But there are certain things that will be postponed from the previous season and will remain attached to your account.

What do you store between the seasons?

You will save any cosmetic object you earned and any aurum , the in-game currency that you have accumulated. This means that you can save any settings and premium currency parameters that you have. Nothing will be preserved when the wipe of the season will occur.

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