Devolver Digital announced at Devolver Direct 2022 that it will release 2D + 3D action adventure THE PLUCKY SQUIRE in 2023 for PC (Steam)/PlayStation5/Xbox Series X | S/Nintendo Switch.


This is the first development title of the studio ALL POSSIBLE FUTURES jointly founded by James Turner, art director of Pokemon Sword Shield.

The player adventures the picture book and the outside world to save their friends and their own world from the darkness of Humgrump as a JOT of the courageous knight (Plucky Squire). In the trailer, the Zelda’s Legend-‘s-style adventure and a punchout-style boxing scene appeared. Not only the outside world like a children’s room, but also the handle of the mug is also a stage of adventure.

THE PLUCKY SQUIRE will be released for PC (Steam)/PlayStation5/Xbox Series X | S/Nintendo Switch.