Light users and PVP are actually hard to be compatible. This is because there are few content that requires the skill of the game as much as PVP. In addition to the skills, ‘physical’, which can play the game smoothly, is also an important factor in PVP.

However, even though PVP content is the main game, developers want to appeal to the various charms of their games. So how should they appeal to many people in the war MMO, which is the center of PVP content? Lecturer Nexon Korea Cho Hyun-sik content planner has shared a strategy to produce PVP-oriented MMOs that can also appeal to light users through the development process of MMORPG ‘Prasian Electric’, which is currently being produced.

Cho said, To satisfy everyone, the war MMO must be able to satisfy the light users, not the taste, and the (light) user was me in 2018 (which was put into Prasian Electric Development). Based on the experience, I opened the upset. In terms of satisfying everyone in RPG games, satisfaction means that it means that many users need to play a game that can play for a long time.

This analysis begins with finding an analysis tool that suits the genre of the game. After that, the adopted tool confirms the characteristics of the target user base, and identifies their purpose or direction. After the analysis, we look at resources such as in-game contents and environments that can satisfy this, and apply it to the most suitable content. That’s how the user plays the game with a little more essential motivation.

In the process, the planner informed us that it was important for users to naturally induce the surrounding result to create the lowest rate. In particular, the MMO emphasized that if the user is moved to the exchange motivation, the biggest strength of the genre, the user’s departure rate drops close to zero.

This analysis was finally applied to the concept of ‘association’ in Prasian Electric. The association is similar to the guild system of the existing MMO. The game provides the player’s group, Large, a limited resource, a land in the game, to secure profits through associations and land, and finds more land. And it is not difficult to occupy the land, so that the people of the game will voluntarily fulfill the ‘siege war’ toward higher goals and make the popularization of the siege.

The lecturer Cho Hyun-sik said, I think this user analysis and strategy will be used for any organization that creates new games. In addition, he said, The results of the Prasian Electric Planning introduced in this way will be confirmed soon.