When you find Maurice on the Sancutaire III, he asks you to discover him a ghost to load his appetite. Maurice does not provide you the ideal suggestion where you have to go to discover one.

where to discover a ghost


After getting rid of the 25 ghosts, go back to Maurice for the following part of the Bloody Harvest 2020 event.

The place of a ghost is not correct due to the fact that it can happen practically anywhere there are other enemies. The sign of a ghost is shown by a dazzling eco-friendly personality.

Soon after completing this mission phase, Maurice connects to you to inform you that you need to do it 25 times a lot more. Now that you know what the ghosts resemble and also where opponents they come, it is rather straightforward to do every little thing possible to locate them. We advise that you check out places in the galaxy where many enemies are walking, such as Porta prison or the city of Lectra.