Textiles are one of the most common materials in the world of The Cycle. This material is mainly required for crafting backpacks of different levels. If it is difficult for you to find textiles for your needs, do not worry, this leadership will tell you about the best possible places for growing textiles in The Cycle: Frontier.

Since textiles can be very useful for craft, especially at the beginning of the game, it is better to hold it as long as possible. Sale of textiles is not worth it.

Cycle: Frontier Textiles locations

To begin with, textiles can be ordinary or rare material depending on the map on which you play. You can find textiles throughout the map. Civil cabinets are your best choice for the extraction of this resource. In fact, check any structure or camp that show that life could once be in them.

Swamp Camp and Vaccine Lab are pretty good places for growing textiles.

Tekstil shops Bright Sands

There are three well-known places where the chances of textile loss are higher than in other places. The crashed ship will be the first place where you go. There are several fabrics that you can find in this place.

In addition to this place, you will go to the west to camp in the jungle where you will find pieces of textiles in civilian cabinets and hiding places again.

In the southeast corner of the map you will find lagoon, where you can also find pieces of textiles in containers.

Tekstil shops Cresscent Falls

Unlike bright sands, you will find many fabrics in hidden hiding places and cabinets of civilians on the crescent waterfall. You will start a search with Fael, south of the map. From there you will go to the crystal cave and collect everything you find.

If you have not found a single textile in any of these places, you can go to the Green Avenue in the center of the map, where you will again find hidden cache and cabinets for civilians that you can get. This will cover all the fabrics that you need for manufacture.