The motif of the brand-new season is the expired having fun time pass away European Leagues Highlights. As necessary, new seasons show up consistently at Efootball World. They have a football pattern on the topic as well as deal ideal material as well as events.

After Efootball in 2022 entered into upkeep setting, the kick-off for the season is today 2. With this brand-new occasions, yet likewise a brand-new patch version 1.1.1.

no more flicker

Additional modifications: the coloring of the food selection display, the props during the game and the computer animations in the repetition video game and also the decrease of the video game period into particular video game modes from ten to six mins.

On top of that, Konami continues to improve the gameplay and the visuals. To name a few things, video settings include the mistake repairs. If they were set to high, the arena roofing shadows or during the cutscenes before the video game might result in an abnormal flicker on the arena ceiling.

Likewise, audio results that were not played in the best timing under particular circumstances should belong to history. In enhancement, the new variation Shoulder Charge and Pass-and Run (Cross Over) are included in the command list.